Producers : Pa.Ranjith, Abhayanand Singh, Piiyush Singh, Aditi Anand

Co Producers: U.M. Rao, Ashwini Chaudhary

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A Writer plays an important role in the procedural functioning of a police station. Thangaraj is one such successful writer whose sleight of pen ensures that FIRs are more likely to become charge sheets and charge sheets more likely to become successful closed cases. A reference to a murder weapon here and an ambiguous description of the stolen goods there, Thangaraj is the best friend to a police officer who wants to clear a case load fast. A pragmatic man, he believes that police must do the best they can within the constraints of the system. Nearing his retirement from service, an unpleasant encounter with his previous subordinates leads to his transfer to Chennai police station where he is faced with the real brutal power of his position. His first assignment is to keep watch over a suspect held in custody outside the police station. Thangaraj senses something off about this detainment, and slowly starts developing a bond with the suspect, a young man pursuing his PhD. Meanwhile, his skills as a writer precede him and he is asked by a senior officer to prove himself. Based on the brief given to him, Thangaraj concocts a fictitious but fool proof case against an unknown accused. Little does he know that he has set up the same innocent young man whom he was trying to help. Like an assassin brought face to face with his victim, Thangaraj will be faced with the moral dilemma of doing a good job or doing the right things – be loyal to the system or save an innocent victim to it. The film highlights the trials and tribulations of the powerless police personnel who execute their duties even when they are in contradiction to a personal moral compass.
Cast: P.Samuthirakani Dileeban Ineya Harikrishnan Anbudurai Subramaniam Shiva G.M Sundhar Maheswari Lizzie Antony Kavitha Bharathy Kavin Jay Babu Merku Thodarchi Malai Antony Lucky Kumar D.Lemuvel Bose Venkat Muthuraman Sivamaran Anush
Run time: 149 Mins Language: Tamil


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